The Elementary Recorder Music Book

Here are sample MP3 audio and PDF files songs from this music book.

Two Note Tango    PDF

Ancient Castle    PDF

Mocassin Dance    PDF

About this book...

This book was developed and extensively tested in my elementary classrooms over many years. The book has the following features:

Every piece has a play-a-long track.

Students enjoyed playing with the accompaniments. The arrangements cover a wide variety of styles and are fun to play. The melody is presented twice on each track to give extra practice. Pieces include original compositions, folk melodies and classical music.

There are extra pieces covering beginning B-A-G notes.

Depending on the students there is extra materials if desired. As students advance the teacher may also bring out new B-A-G song to reinforce notes already learned.

Your choice on letter names or staff reading.

All pieces are written with staff notes. There are two books provided for the teacher to use dependent on their situation.

One book has staff notes with the note names underneath the staff. This is for situations where there is not much time allotted to music. This allows student to get to playing faster without also learning to fully read notes on the staff.

The other book has staff notes only. This is useful when there is more time available to fully teach reading notes as well as playing the recorder.

The two books provides the teacher with more flexibility

Copyright and permissions.

Permission is given classroom and private teachers to make copies of the songs for their personal students. You may not freely distribute the content to others not directly in your classes or studio.