Free Piano Keynotes

Here are free piano keynotes that you can use with your students to help them learn finger placement and reading notes on the keyboard.  The practice sheets work with finding the keynotes and moving up and down by steps or skips. They also work with changing finger numbers. Regular playing through these exercises develops a stronger sense of note movement, steps or skips, and confidence in reading piano music.

I’ll use these with elementary students, assigning one or two pieces a week. Admittedly, they are not the most exciting pieces to play (I tell my students that as well), but they do develop the reading skills! I have found them useful for a number of my students and these are free to download and use for your own students. I hope you find them to be helpful in your own students growth.

About Piano Keynotes -   PDF
All Keynotes on Staff -   PDF
Keynotes Lessons 1-5 All -   PDF
Keynotes Lessons 6-10 All -   PDF