Music Teacher

Klos Studios is based upon the work of George Klos. George spent 32 years as a music educator in Public Schools (Elementary and High School Choir). He is currently focusing on private music lessons in a studio shared with his wife, Karen, who also teaches.

George gives lessons on piano, guitar, bass guitar, voice, drums, banjo and mandolin. He also runs a small home recording studio for personal use and assorted clients. All the music tracks for his books were recorded at Klos Studios.

Professional Musician

As well as being a seasoned educator, George has experience in playing professionally as a solo pianist and with a variety of groups. He spent many years as a pianist for local dixieland and swing bands. He plays guitar, banjo, and mandolin for the Mud Springs Gospel Band as well as recording many of their CD’s “in house”.

George is deeply involved with his local church’s music ministry. He spent three years as the Music Minister and has served over 30 years playing piano, guitar, bass, drums or running the sound board.

George enjoys bringing creativity into his teaching, and has produced a variety of materials for music education.  There has been a lot of positive response from his own students to the variety of music books and recordings.  This website seeks to share what he's created to a wider audience.

George currently resides and has his studios in Madras, Oregon.

George Klos Picture