More Exploring Jazz, Rock and Blues Book 1


Here are sample MP3 audio and PDF files from this music book

Straight Ahead    PDF

Dangerous    PDF

Swing Cat   PDF

Secret Mission   PDF


More Exploring Jazz Rock and Blues – Book One

The Exploring Jazz Rock and Blues Books are piano teaching pieces written by George Klos. This book is the latest round of creations from George, all composed in 2019. The More JRB Book One provides additional creative music at the same level as the original First Book. They are beyond the Primer, but easier than Book Two’s offerings.

The pieces are written to reflect a variety of styles within the Jazz, Rock and Blues genre. Each book also has music tracks for every song. There are two versions of the tracks: one for listening and the other (minus the piano) for playing along.

If your students have enjoyed the Book One pieces, they will respond positively to the new music in this “More JRB” book. These pieces can supplement any standard piano method for students interested in the jazz rock and blues idioms.

I hope you enjoy playing them as much as I did writing them.