The Elementary Guitar Books

The Klos Studios Elementary Guitar books all share a common educational philosophy. Teaching children guitar presents challenges that are different from teaching children piano. The approach is outlined below:

Note Reading and Playing Melodies is the focus of the books.

Young fingers often have difficulty playing chords. It can take a long time for muscles to develop to easily switch chords. This length of time can be discouraging to young students.

The Klos Studios focus is on note reading and playing melodies. This is easier for young fingers to accomplish. In the process students learn to read music. They develop a sense of rhythm. They also get a quicker sense of accomplishment as they progress through the pieces. They develop finger strength to make playing chords easier.

There are no chords presented in these guitar books.

The Music Books go at a Slower Pace than Standard Methods

My experience is that most of the standard books move too fast for younger beginners. Young students need a slower pace with a larger variety of pieces. Gifted students may move rapidly through the easier pieces but many students will better succeed with the slower pace.

Students learn best with ‘Play-a-long’ Tracks

Every piece has a track to go with it. There are a variety of pieces and musical styles to help maintain interest. Each track has an introduction, melody, interlude, then melody again. This repetition helps with growing confidence and success.

These books are designed for a guitar teacher’s use in private lessons. They may be used to supplement any standard method or entirely on their own with teacher guidance.